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About Us

About Us


everton-memorabilia is owned and run by blues , based in the North-West of England,

Like many in the autograph business it started out as a hobby and grew into making a living out of something we enjoy being involved in. We have attended, organised and obtained autographs from various private and public signing sessions over the past 25 years and continue to do so on a regular basis. 


Authenticity is paramount and our main priority and because of that we took the decision from day one to only offer items that were signed for us, in view of us or were obtained through known reputable sources. This allows us to guarantee everything we sell to be a genuine piece of memorabilia.

That leads us nicely on to our next issue, customer service. As buyers ourselves we just want good, polite and prompt customer service. We expect our customers want the same so we make every effort to provide this. We are very busy obtaining autographs but we are usually accessible at some point in the day, all email enquiries are answered and we despatch orders quickly, (usually within 3 days) with excellent packaging.

Our main priority is providing our customers with quality genuine items at affordable prices. 

Finally, we aim to provide our customers with a wide variety of items.


We hope that via our website we offer a great experience to all our customers and visitors, and hopefully give some enjoyment back to the hobby. All enquiries, recommendations, suggestions are taken on board as we strive to improve at all times.